• 13th Dec 18

  • By Ruchika

Brahmastra "The most powerful weapon" lies in the will of our soul and this brahmastra when realised can be used to carve an inconceivable destiny.

Here’s a glimpse of my story! Three incidences in my life which awakened me to the power of My Brahmastra are:-

  • I was a very confident child. Suddenly at the age of 15, I started suffering acute anxiety and panic attacks which made me fearful. I felt hopeless during days and wept all nights. I practically didn’t sleep for many nights. So I consulted a psychiatrist when I realized that it was something related to the mind. He prescribed medicines which I took on and off which made me feel better. However, negative and obsessive thinking, procrastination, anger, complaints, impulsiveness, over-sensitivity were the side-effects of anxiety. All this resulted in headaches, body aches, lethargy, low immunity and energy. All I knew was that I had to find a solution. In my heart I knew one day this suffering alone will guide me to the doorway of joy. I could relate to these lines from the bhajan Ibadat kar “kayin vaari musibat hi dukhaan da hal bandi ae”…. I had accepted the challenge to fight my inner demons and come out as an angel.

  • At 30, I fell in love which made me feel secure and happy. I felt that I was moving ahead and was no more anxious. However, the beautiful phase came to an end a year later and again I succumbed to depression. It took me a year to come back to terms with life. My broken heart taught me to take care of myself more than ever and I stopped basing my happiness on people. I decided to let go of the past.

  • For many years I was taunted by my relatives for not getting married. At 32, a lady matchmaker was called at our place to show us proposals who tried to demoralize me and shake my confidence several times stating that I must learn to get dominated because Punjabi families prefer girls who don’t speak much and you are straight forward which i believe is my greatest strength. Well I speak the truth and stand for myself which sometimes people can’t digest. Our meeting went on for 3 hours and she didn’t leave any stone unturned to make me feel bad about myself. She even commented negatively about my physical appearance. I cried for the next three days and it became the turning point in my life.

today i thank her from the bottom of my heart! She gave me a final blow that shook me from my dormant state and I stopped procrastinating. For many years I enjoyed working as a personality development trainer but didn’t understand that it was my Calling. Now the time had come. I realized that I was born to be a Speaker. I went out soul-searching, attended several motivational seminars and started giving seminars, started learning dance, learnt yoga and meditation which reduced the levels of my ego, anger, impulsiveness, over-sensitivity, anxiety to a great extent. i surrendered to the higher power within and what i gained is priceless. I became more accepting, forgiving, grateful, emotionally stable and energetic. Headaches, body aches, lethargy became past. Further, I discovered in me a life coach, motivational speaker, yoga and meditation facilitator, author and poetess, blogger, dancer, singer, lyricist, artiste and much more.

I have six videos on my youtube channel and many more to come. My first book titled “Rote to transformation” is the answer to all my questions miraculously. It is an inspiring motivational poetry book available on Amazon. I work for few NGO’S and I keep conducting workshops on self- improvement and spiritual development at different places. I feel the Love showered by my students is food for my soul.

I was recently awarded with “Mahila Gaurav Sammana” at an International women’s day event in Delhi for my contribution towards Women empowerment projects along with other projects.

Yes I am single and I know love will find me soon.

In the end, I am sharing a quote from my book “Route to Transformation” – may you know the unknown within, for you will never know it without!

Ruchika Dhawan

Life coach and Author

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