• 13th Dec 18

  • By Sourav Gupta

An inspiration despite encumbered on wheel chair…. Sourav, whims after losing it all. Sourav is not at all the same impish, naughty and that innocent man as he was years back. He is now an inspiration to a huge crowd with all his lost values. The man born and brought up in the City of Joy was a in-general inviting trouble and mischievous lad in school days, rather a spontaneous one. Life was beautiful wonder for him until the painful disaster got set him back. The incident that took place Nine years back, the incident that made him loose everything, the Swimming Pool incident in which unfortunately his neck bone was damaged that lead him paralyzed for the rest of his life. The spontaneous guy who loved cricket and inspired Sharukh Khan and Sourav Ganguly was now on wheels. The man was in great pain, bad sufferings and to worsen the situation he was suffering from chronic depression. He was just Fifteen with all that pain and loss. The child with a dream to become a cricketer was now shattered. This was a great loss though, but he himself stood strong and fought the mishap. Indian spinal injury Center was a true inspiration to him and his dad was a constant support. Sourav, now the great inspiration to all is now the Brand Ambassador of La Intimo, a premium intimate wear brand, last April in Indian Intimate Fashion Week, Season 2. ‘Basically it all started from a short film that was based on my life. People started liking my videos and that’s how it all started.”

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